Dinky Diver, out now!

After more than a year of development we are very happy to announce that our very first game, Dinky Diver, is now available from the Play Store! Head over there now and see what Dinky Diver has to offer!

Dinky Diver

Dinky Diver is the first game by Sword GC, currently being developed for Android. In Dinky Diver you play as a diver trying to set the record of the deepest dive! Every time you play you'll find yourself in a completely different sea, with different challenges ahead!

Innovative gameplay

Dinky Diver is controlled by a unique tapping mechanism combined with physics

Play against friends!

Are you better then your friends? Prove it to them by signing in with Facebook and your friends will see your record in-game!


Whilst diving you will encounter a variety of different creatures, which wil try to stop you from going down in their own unique ways.


Ever wanted to defeat the kraken? We've got you covered! Whilst diving into the abyss you will regularly be stopped by the king of the deep.


With the Dinky Claw you can unlock more than 50 different helmets and suits with which you can create well over 2000 different outfits!

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