About Us

We are a 3 man (student) company from the Netherlands.
Since we could not wait until we were done with school we decided to start creating games a little bit earlier :)

"Basement" development

How we make games

Being a student company startup we do not yet have the funds to have an office, which means that we work where ever we can. With just an idea, laptops, energy drinks and time we grind away to create awesome games that we love to play ourselves.

  • Laptops
  • Idea
  • Random table
  • Energy drink

Meet The Team

Below are the people that are currently working very hard to bring new, awesome games to digital stores near you!

Jelle van der Zwaard

Co-Founder / Programmer

Lars van der Zwaard

Co-Founder / Artist

Peter Klooster

Co-Founder / Programmer

Get in Touch

All the awesome ways we are reachable can be found by clicking